A tribute to a great teacher: Seán Gaffney (1942-2022)

Today we publish  in our blog our first tribute to Seán Gaffney, our trainer, our consultant, our supervisor, our friend, poet-in-virtual-residence and mentor to so many of us. This tribute does not even begin to cover his contribution to our Gestalt practice and our lives, and more will be written later, as we share our learnings from working with him.

We use this opportunity to let Gestalt practitioners know that on 24 March 2022, a religious service in Stockholm will be livestreamed, and a secular Memorial for Seán Gaffney will be held later that day, and Zoom links are available on request (email us at info@gestaltbelfast.org).

For a first look at the extent of Seán's contribution to the Gestalt Centere Belfast, please read our blog. Feel free to comment on our Facebook page, where this tribute will be published also.

With sorrow and gratitude,

The Directors and Associates of GCB.