Reading about Field Theory

We in the Gestalt Centre Belfast have long believed in the collective nature of learning. Collective reading, and the work in reading groups, yield precious learning, both professional and personal, for all concerned. We have a long tradition of reading together, since Perls Hefferline and Goodman's 'Gestalt Therapy' (we met from 2004!).

This current group has met twice already, as of today 24 October 2021. This group is facilitated by our Senior Associate Seán Gaffney PhD. This is the second facilitated reading group exploring themes in Gestalt in support of our professional practice. The previous one, which met from June 2020 to September 2021, read together Perls' recently published Psychopathology of Awareness.

Field Theory is about the complex interdependency of all the aspects of experience. It has placed Gestalt Therapy apart from many other approaches. But as a subject it has often been written about in vague, too widely encompassing terms, and this group aims to refine what is meant by this term, and how this impacts directly on methodology and practice.

We would like to share with you our reading list:

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