Humans of Gestalt - a series of interviews with Gestalt practitioners around the world.

Six Fundamental Movements and the Process of Contacting, by Ruella Frank


Basic introduction to Gestalt

An Introduction to Gestalt ( 2012) Sills, C. Lapworth, P. Desmond B

Red Book of Supervision and Counselling by Gaie Houston

The Gestalt Approach and Eye Witness to Psychotherapy (1973 ): Fritz Perl's last and most comprehensive work.

The Now Red Book of Gestalt by Gaie Houston -An extensively revised edition of Gaie Houston's original book on gestalt therapy-new sections on brief psychotherapy and on Gestalt infant observation.

The Paradoxical Theory of Change. Arnold Beisser. 1970



Self in Motion, by Ruella Frank

Trauma Is A Fact of Life, But It Does Not Have To Be A Life Sentence. Bríd Keenan – article published in IAHIP 2018

Working at One Remove: a Gestalt Field Perspective on Supervising... by Dr Seán Gaffney et al.

Working with Victims: Being Empathic Helpers. Dorothy Gibbons, M.S.S. Philip Lichtenberg, Ph.D. Lanneke van Beusekom, Ph.D.


Recommended Books

Body Process: Gestalt Approach to Working with the Body in Psychotherapy by James Kepner with a foreword by Joseph C Zinker PhD

Community and Confluence: Undoing the Clinch of Oppression by Philip Lichtenberg: applying the methods and insights of the Gestalt perspective to the inner dynamics of power and abuse relationships and the victim-oppressor fusion.

Gestalt at Work: Integrating Life, Theory and Practice, Vol. 1 and Vol. 2, by Seán Gaffney: a collection of papers on applications of Gestalt field theory

The Anarchy of Gestalt Therapy: A Proposal for Radical Practice, by Jack Aylward (2018) . Intr. by Bud Feder PhD: considering the ideas around Gestalt therapy and social activism of Paul Goodman co-author of Gestalt Therapy with Perls.

The Red Book of Groups and How to Lead Them Better, by Gaie Houston

Windows to Our Children (1988) Oaklander, V. - an application of Gestalt therapy to working with children


Online publications

British Gestalt Journal.

Gestalt Review. A publication of the Gestalt International Study Centre.

New Gestalt Voices - an organisation, a journal.